Not Getting Results From The Gym? Fed up of Dieting? Want to
Finally Feel Happy About YOU 
Do you find yourself making any of the following excuses?...
  • "I haven't got time to exercise"
  • "I don't know which exercises I should be doing?"
  •  "I've tried EVERYTHING but nothing works"
  •  "It's too expensive"
  •  "I just don't have the time"
  •  "I don't want to eat boring foods for the rest of my life"
  • "I haven't got the motivation".
  •  "I find the gym boring"
Don't Worry. We Get It...
This is EXACTLY what hundreds of LPT members tell us too (before they join us).

Luckily, WE LISTEN! (Which is unfortunately rare in the fitness industry). 

For instance, when was the last time your gym went to the trouble of finding out what was really holding you back from achieving your goals (that you joined for)? 

This is what we did and it was the best business decision I ever made. Actually listening to our clients real TRUE struggles became the basis of how LPT was built.  (A one man show to what is today a multi-facility training business).

Using this method we uncovered the real, tangible, "Transformative Solutions".

Fast forward 5 years, these, "Transformative solutions", have been the bedrock LPT's success across our Northamptonshire training centres.

[Our Mission - To Help YOU Reach Your True Potential]

Following this success we asked ourselves, "How can we help more people lead a healthier, more energised life through our unique "everything counts" approach?"

...And so the "Lifestyle Performance Academy" was born.

We like to think of the "Lifestyle Performance Academy" as LPT's Virtual Transformation Centre - one that cuts through all the mis-leading & confusing information in the media, to instead give you steps that lead to actual REAL results. 

(It REALLY is the next best thing to joining our in-house body transformation club and at just 66p per day is an absolute no-brainer for anyone wanting to live a healthier lifestyle)

With "LPT Academy", we take ALL your excuses away from you.
It's Not Your Fault.
Avoid The Mis-information...
Here's the problem...

There's so much conflicting, misinterpreted and BAD information out there.

Some, just plain bad advertising from companies trying to make BIGGER profits. 

A lot of it isn't scientific or backed by any real data or physical experience.

But lastly, even the people who mean well, (the trainers and coaches trying to help you) often get it wrong by obsessing over vomit-indusing workouts and handing out low calorie meal plans and other non-personalised approaches.


LPT's "everything counts" holistic approach to health, has helped thousands of people lead healthier, fitter lives over the past 10 years. We've helped 350+ people lose an average of a stone EVERY 6 weeks, just since January 2016 alone. 

But what our members love even more than these results and the thing we as a team at LPT are most proud of is HOW we help our clients achieve results:
  •  NO following calorie restrictive, bland, boring meal plans that leave you starving
  •  NOT using pills, potions or meal replacement milkshakes 
  •  NOT walking into a gym where you feel intimated & no idea where to start 
Exercise: Roughly 20% Of Results. 
The Other 80% Is...
You see, what I discovered after 10+ years of working with people day in and day out, was that vitality, life, fitness, looking good and feeling good, all go way beyond exercise.

For most people, 80% of the results come from your diet and lifestyle choices.

Only 20% (or less) comes from your actual exercise. 

Still believe moving more is the answer? 

Your environment, sleep, stress, daily habits and a long list of other things play a significant role too in you living the most abundant life possible.

The bottom line is this: working out non-stop OR trying to simply eat less is NOT the most effective choice for long-term results. 

Sure it works short time but if you are anything like our members you've had enough of yo-yo dieting your way through life?


LPT Academy takes into account your family, your time constraints, your work, your budget & much more.

We call this everything counts approach the T.C.P Method.
Activate Your 7 Day Academy Experience For FREE!
Try LPT Academy for 7 days FREE. 
Monthly Membership after that works out at just 66p p/day!!!
Cancel Anytime.
Here's What Academy Members Get:
  • A NEW MONTHLY progressive training program every month complete with demo's, progressions, modifications & the actual PDF download for you to record your reps, sets, times & weights! (Value: £95)
  • 15 New & Simple to Cook Healthy Recipes sent to your inbox each month (Value: £25)
  • Weekly Live Q&A Masterclass where you can ask our coaches any questions you have on diet, exercise, lifestyle week in week out (Value: £25)
  • Access to the Lifestyle Performance Academy ONLINE Members Site where each week you have access to a new T.C.P training covering exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and personal development (Value: £75)
  • Monthly Live Training Workshops focusing on the big topic of the month. This will be the things you struggle most with (i.e. stress management, sleeping better, overcoming self-sabotaging behaviours etc) (Value: £50)
  • Progress tracking app: If losing weight/ transforming your body is your goal then you can access our own app. It lets you upload your weekly progress pictures/measurements/bodyweight. This allows us to track your progress too. Your get a weekly reminder to make sure you don't forget! (£15)
  • Lastly (and probably to most valuable) you'll get never before experienced levels of ACCOUNTABILITY so you don't let yourself down. You'l' be part of the LPT Academy team, helping each other out, sharing struggles and wins and of course having some fun along the way! (Value: £97 )
Total Value: £382 p/month
However....we're not charging that!

Crazy right?

But LPT is very different to the gyms/weight loss clubs you've likely joined before.

Our integrative approach is 100% GOAL-DRIVEN and then backed up by coaching, support & accountability.

Just think...
...Does your gym even know who you really are? Or are you just a number?
...Does your fitness class educate you about nutrition and lifestyle habits?
...Does your slimming club REALLY care if you're stressed or over tired?

Not only that BUT your membership is 100% risk-free. This means unlike a gym membership, we will NOT lock you in for a 12 month contract. 

Instead...we invite you to try us out. 

If you don’t believe all our resources, help, support & education will help you improve your health and your family’s health then simply let our team know and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund. (no hassle, no hard feelings, no forms to fill in!)

We also guarantee your satisfaction, AND you can cancel any time. 

So whether you want to lose a little weight or a lot of weight, detox your body, get ripped, complete an obstacle race OR just boost your energy levels and productivity, then the Lifestyle Performance Academy is the best resource to help you achieve your goals.

Pete says...

"When I first saw the advert for LPT I must admit I thought, here we go another 6 week challenge…can’t see how it can work for me. After a call from Coach Jamie, I thought I would give it a go.

I soon realised that real changes could be achieved after a few weeks, with the encouragement and coaching, group session, nutrition coaching and eating real food.

There are no gimmick diets, no fancy shakes, just back to basic real food and exercise with all the encouragement you can handle from the coaching team and everyone else on the same road to a fitter healthier life.

I did it for 6 weeks, lost a stone and enjoyed it so much that I have signed up as a member for the next 12 months.

Stop finding excuses and sign up to a healthier lifestyle. You will have no regrets."

Christine's story...

"I decided maybe I was supposed to be this weight and so I wouldn’t worry about it anymore.

Except I did worry about it…I hated my body and wouldn’t even have my photo taken.

I was already so unfit, I was losing fitness and getting fatter!

So January 2016, I saw an advert for LPT, completed my application form and received a phone call from one of the coaches and I was really excited to get started, nervous, but excited.

Now, if I am absolutely honest I really wasn’t sure that I would lose any weight but I was desperate…I really wanted that transformation I was promised.

As part of the programme we had to set a goal with a ‘reward’ if we achieved it and a ‘punishment’ for if we didn’t . Well, I set my goal, but couldn’t bring myself to set myself the challenge of losing a stone, so I set it for half a stone. And I did that…Then 10, 12 and 14 pounds – By the end of the 6 weeks I’d lost a stone! Not only that, but I won the Northampton Stone in Six Award – me! I won it!

I feel fitter and healthier than I have ever done – ever in my life! Yesterday a colleague called me her inspiration! I feel fitter, more flexible, stronger and have much more mobility and core strength…(I didn’t even know what that was until I tried to stand on one leg)!

When it comes to food, I no longer feel like I’m on a diet...I am transformed!”
Last Reminder Of What LPT Academy  Members Get:
  • Monthly training plan sent directly to your inbox (Value: £95)
  • Access weekly Micro-Workouts, great if time is your bottle-neck (Value: £25)
  • New Healthy Recipes delivered to your inbox each month (Value: £25)
  • Access to the Lifestyle Performance Academy Members Site (Value: £75)
  • Weekly Live Q&A Masterclass with our team of coaches (Value: £25)
  • Monthly Live Training Workshops overcoming common struggles (Value: £50)
  • ACCOUNTABILITY like you've never experienced (Value: priceless)
Total Value: £500+ p/month
Activate Your 7 Day
Lifestyle Performance Academy
Membership For Free
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P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see the offer...  Lifestyle Performance Academy is 
FREE for 7 days then just £19.99 per month thereafter. AND you can cancel at ANY time.
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