Discover How We Help People In Northamptonshire Transform Their Bodies
Our Members Thought They Had Tried EVERYTHING To Lose Weight & Get in Shape.

Until They Tried This ==>
LPT's "everything counts" holistic approach to health has helped hundreds of people in Northamptonshire lose an average of a stone EVERY 6 weeks since January. 

But what our members love even more than the result, is HOW they achieved it:
  • NO highly restrictive calorie plans where you have to starve yourself 
  • NO pills, potions or meal replacements
  • Not another gym class or exercise program you can't keep up with
"Wish I had joined up earlier. I will be signing up for 12 months"
Rob McCarthy
Winner of July MANSformation - 1.5 stone lost in 6 weeks

"The results of the 'Stone in 6' programme have been amazing for me"
Christine Morgan
Winner of a stone in 6 challenge - One stone lost in 6 weeks

"This has worked far better for me than hours slogging away in the gym did"
Gary Butler
Runner-Up of MANSformation - One stone lost in 6 weeks

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