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6 Week "MANSformation" Challenge
Do you find yourself making these excuses...
  • "I haven't got the time to exercise"
  • "I find the gym boring"
  • "I don't know which exercises I should be doing?"
  •  "I've tried EVERYTHING but nothing works"
  •  "It's too expensive"
  •  "I don't want to eat boring foods for the rest of my life"
  • "I haven't got the motivation".
Our Guys Used All These Excuses Too Before Finding LPT! 
"Stop finding excuses. You will have no regrets with LPT" - Pete
"When I first saw the advert for LPT, I must admit I thought..."here we go, another 6 week challenge...can't see how it can work for me." However, after a call with Jamie, I thought I'd give it a go.

I soon realised that big changes could be achieved after just a few weeks,with the encouragement and coaching, group training sessions, nutrition coaching and actually being able to eat real food.

There are no gimmick diets, no fancy shakes, just back to basic real food and exercise with all the encouragement you can handle from the coaching team and everyone else on the same road to a fitter healthier life.

I lost a stone in 6 weeks and enjoyed it so much that I have signed up as a member for the next 12 months."
"Wish I had joined earlier!" - Rob 
"I'm now on the final week of the 6 week course. I'm really pleased with the results. These guys know their stuff with regards to both training and nutrition. 

All the coaches are great motivators and spend the time to ensure you are executing the exercises correctly. Can't recommend highly enough!"
"The results have been amazing" - Stuart
"I've just started week 5 of the 6 week MANSformation programme. The results have been amazing so far. The trainers are brilliant and give you the support you next to make it a success. I'm planning on signing up to be a member once this programme is finished."
"Whatever your goal these guys will help" 
- Lee Speller
"These guys are amazing, everyone's a bit apprehensive at first, but even after your first meeting the coaches put you at ease. They really helped me with my nutrition, the training is hard but good fun. It's serious training with a bit of banter thrown in, whatever your goal, these guys will help."
Here's What You Get...
  •  A Personalised 6-Week Training Program designed to get rid of that extra timber your carrying 
  •  Assigned your very own Lifestyle Performance Coach for 6 weeks who you will personally report to so your kept accountable & will educate and support you every step of the way
  •  Daily mentoring, support & accountability from our team of expert  coaches in our Members Only Facebook group
  •  Weekly Lifestyle Performance Education training videos to help make it work around your lifestyle
  •  VIP access to our membership site giving you home workouts, nutrition  resources and mindset advice
  • Flatter stomach, a manly chest (rather than a "mooby" chest), stronger and more defined physique - all to get you confident in your own body
Literally life changing!" - Gary
"Cant rate these guys highly enough. Was so good over 6 weeks and the results so positive that I have signed up for 12 months. Literally life changing. Hard work, but life changing." (Gary lost a pound under two stone in 6 weeks)
Are you ready for YOUR MANSformation?
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Here's What Gary Had To Say About His MANSformation Experience (where he lost 2 stone!)
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