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Burning Fat, Losing Inches & Getting Body Confident Without Fad Diets or Boring Gyms
Do you ever find yourself making the following excuses;
  • "I haven't got the time to exercise"
  • "I find the gym boring"
  • "I don't know which exercises I should be doing?"
  •  "I've tried EVERYTHING but nothing works"
  •  "It's too expensive"
  •  "I don't want to eat boring foods for the rest of my life"
  • "I haven't got the motivation".
Our Members Had Tried Everything To Lose Weight Too. Read their stories...
Vanessa's Story 
After 5 years of being on Slimming World and not reaching my weight loss target, having a gym membership for 10+ years and still reaching 50 ­ fat and fifty!! I decided 2016 was the year to do something about it. 

I now train 3 nights a week, eat clean and wine is now a treat at the weekend. I have made some wonderful lifelong friends to share my journey and help me to stay motivated.

In the 2 weeks after finishing the 6 week programme I have signed up for another year and stayed on track to lose the final 4 pounds needed to achieve my stone loss. 
"And the best thing about the program, is you can eat food!" - Jim Vials
"It's changed my life" - Chloe Walker
"It's given me the motivation to keep pushing on" - Kriss Jessiman
Your Complimentary Gift ==>
All "A stone in 6 Challengers" receive a FREE copy of the Healthy Living Blueprint - 77 pages of pure FAT LOSS CONTENT to help you maximise your results on the program. 

Alongside this HANDBOOK you will receive a comprehensive 21 page Welcome Pack complete with all our level one nutrition guidelines telling you what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat & even HOW to it! We leave no stone un-turned.
What You Get On LPT's, A Stone In 6 Challenge:
  •  Your own Lifestyle Performance Coach for 6 weeks, there to inspire, educate & support you every step of the way
  •  A personalised 6-Week training program in a NON-GYM environment to melt fat from your 'problem areas' - guaranteed to sculpt & tone your body
  •  Daily mentoring, support & accountability from our team of expert  coaches in our Members Only Facebook group
  •  Weekly Lifestyle Performance Education training videos 
  •  VIP access to our membership site giving you home workouts, nutrition  resources
  •  Boosted metabolism, a firmer tummy, better flexibility, stronger & more  toned arms - all to get you confident in your own body
How much is all that worth to you?

The INVESTMENT for the entire 6 weeks of personal training, group support, nutrition coaching, LIVE workshops & DAILY accountability is normally £165-00 (Worth £299). 

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Just £145-00 (SAVE £20 discount)

For just a limited time we are knocking £20 off the normal price.
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Here's a breakdown of how we structure our training program 
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